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Agency logo from version 0.24

STEADLER Engineering Corps (variously just “STEADLER Corps”) focuses entirely on systems that “steady” vehicles in flight, judging by their product lines. They've cornered the market on “smart” reaction wheels equipped with SAS. They are conspicuously absent in the market for dumb reaction wheels, though no one else claims credit for these either.

It's unknown if STEADLER is an acronym or if they simply like to shout their company name. STEADLER could also be reference to STAEDLER company

Agency description

STEADLER is not known for being a very kind or yielding company. Rather, militaristic, stern and uncompromising are much more fitting adjectives to describe them. Some say these are good qualities for a company responsible mainly for engineering control systems for rockets and hypersonic aircraft, while others suggest that the company is actually being run by a rogue Guidance Module that achieved sentience. All we really know is that their gate security is much too Temperamental to allow for any observation, and that their stun guns recharge very quickly.