MPO Probe

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MPO Probe
Part image
Command module by
STEADLER Engineering Corps

Radial size Small
Cost (total) 9 900.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.90 t
Drag  ?
Max. Temp. 2200 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 9 m/s
Research Large probes.png Large Probes
Unlock cost 34 700 Funds
Since version 1.10
Part configuration ?
Command module
Pitch torque 6 kN·m
Yaw torque 6 kN·m
Roll torque 6 kN·m
Electricity required for torque
Electricity required 3.00 ⚡/min

SAS level 3
Field of View (min) 3 °
(max) 84 °
Detection 35 %
Enhancable No
Modes Biome

Product description

The Moho Planetary Observer combines the functions of many parts in one, to help make sure the searing of its primary mission target is distributed and dissipated without harming its critical control functionality.

STEADLER Engineering Corps


  • Initial release