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Agency logo from version 0.24

WinterOwl Aircraft Emporium produces the “Let's Fly” line of parts.

Lately they started supplying the KSC with brand new helicopter and rotor blades.

Agency description

WinterOwl is by no means comparable to other large aircraft companies in terms of sheer number of products they offer. However, the company is one of the best-known names in the industry as it's one of the oldest companies in operation. This has earned them a reputation for being a friendly, reliable partner, which means they have good standings with many other companies. In the aerospace circles, it is considered very poor manners to be rude about WinterOwl or its products.


WinterOwl's author is "C. Jenkins", the author of the C7 Aerospace Division parts.

The name is most likely a reference to the YouTube user TheWinterOwl, who has published several hundred videos featuring Kerbal Space Program. TheWinterOwl used to preface the titles of his "Let's Play" videos with the words "Let's Fly" instead, which explains the name of the product line.