FAT-455 Aeroplane Main Wing

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FAT-455 Aeroplane Main Wing
Part image
Wing by
WinterOwl Aircraft Emporium
Cost (total) 2 800.00 Fund
(dry) 2 800.00 Fund
Mass (total) 0.78 t
(dry) 0.78 t
Drag 0.02
Max. Temp. 1200 K
Impact Tolerance 15 m/s
Research HeavyAerodynamics.png Heavy Aerodynamics
Unlock cost 36400 Fund
Since version 1.0
Part configuration airlinerWings
Lift generated 7.8
Liquid fuel tank
Liquid fuel (default) 0 units of fuel
(max) 600 units of fuel

The FAT-455 Aeroplane Main Wing is a part introduced in version 1.0. It is a rather large wing, with a design similar to those seen on commercial jets, making them perfect for recreating large jets. It also acts as a Liquid fuel tank, which helps to clear up fuselage space that was once used to store fuel, another trait that commercial jets have.

Product description

One of the largest lifting surfaces in production. The internal volume of these is big enough to carry generously sized fuel tanks.


  • Initial release