Hydraulic cylinders

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Hydraulic cylinders are robotic parts added with the Breaking Ground DLC that allow objects to be moved closer or further away in a straight line.

Common uses

Cargo elevators

Hydraulic cylinders can be used as cargo elevators to lower objects from a cargo bay which can be conveniently located at an aircraft's center of gravity. This is a low-drag and low-risk approach for handling cargo.

Rover hopping

Hydraulic cylinders can be used to make rovers jump over (typically) short distances, although much greater distances are possible on particularly low-G bodies like Minmus.

Variable wheel spacing

Hydraulic cylinders can be used to extend a rover's wheels away from its center-of-gravity to give it a more stable stance for driving over uneven terrain. The cylinders can also be retracted when the rover needs to be made compact enough to transport in a cargo bay.



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