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Official release
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Released 5/30/2019
1.7 1.7.2

1.7.1 is a bugfix update released on May 30, 2019 alongside a bugfix update for the Making History expansion and KSP's second expansion: Breaking Ground.



  • Implemented Cargo part category and Inventory processing.
  • Implemented PAW UI drop-down grouping functionality.
  • Implemented scrollbars to PAW UI windows.
  • Added a new type for PAW fields, a double slider to set ranges with a min and max values
  • Kerbal Portraits now available on EVA.
  • Implemented Axis groups.
  • Implemented Action/Axis group override sets (if 'Activate Action Sets' is enabled)
  • New game setting - Shadow casting for CBs.
  • Add and apply High Gee settings to wheel suspension.


  • Fix Bobcat, Wolfhound, Kodiak, Poodle, Terrier, Spark, Flea, Hammer SRBs not recognising thrust obstructions.
  • Fix Twitch, Spark ISP engine value.
  • Fix Flea and Hammer white variant using incorrect texture


  • Fix for maneuver mode UI being interactable while the Pause Menu is active
  • Fix for maneuver nodes collapsing to delete mode if moused-over quickly after switching nodes with the maneuver mode UI.
  • Fix maneuver node data being copied across nodes in some circumstances when using the maneuver node editor.
  • Fix NRE when root part is delete and fuel overlay is turned on.
  • Fix Menu Navigation when in the Game Difficulty > Advanced menu.
  • Fixes to wheel suspension spring and damper settings.
  • Fix wheel damage on docking, undocking and loading on high Gee CBs.
  • Fix wheel friction.
  • Fix engineer report showing incorrect mass for vessels containing parts with variable part module mass.
  • Fix simply clicking on maneuver node resetting the node burn.
  • Fix science experiment overwrite dialog text.


  • Added GameSettings.SaveSettingsOnNextGameSave method to flag the settings dirty and trigger a settings save next time the game is saved.
  • New GameEvents.onPartActionUIShown when PAW window is shown.
  • PartLoader no longer clears modules and resources from preconfigured parts.
  • Contracts - contract definitions Nodes are now processed additively. Before subsequent Contract nodes encountered on loading would override each other.
  • Experience Trait nodes can now handle multiple Effect nodes in different cfg files.