Kerbal Astronomical Society

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The Kerbal Astronomical Society is a scientific organization mentioned by some in-game descriptions of celestial bodies, which can be read in the Map view. They seem to be Kerbalkind's authoritative body on astronomy, like the real-life International Astronomical Union (IAU). While the only telescope seen in-game[outdated] is at the Kerbal Space Center's Research and Development Facility, there is no indication they are directly affiliated with the space program at Kerbal Space Center or Wernher von Kerman. There are, however, indications they don't know how to use telescopes properly (see their descriptions of Vall, Minmus, Pol, and Tylo). Many of their discoveries are accidental and initially thought to be lens smudges or dust. It is also possible that the KAS invented Kerbnet and are the scientists that supply constant information to your Kerbnet module.