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The landing gear is a wheeled landing device able to land at decent horizontal relative velocity (in a given direction). They dumping the vertical impulse of the landing without any damage. Of course at too great landing speed, running speed or weigh can damage these parts. They can be repaired by kerbonauts on EVA.

The landing gear has some tweakables can be employed in VAB and SPH:

  • Start Rectracted/Deployed
  • Adjusting the color of the lights:
Light R - red
Light G - green
Light B - blue
  • Disable/Enable Brakes
  • Lock/Unlock Steering (during missions too)
  • Invert Steering (during missions too)
  • Lights On/Off (during missions too)
Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
LY-01 Fixed Landing Gear.png
LY-01 Fixed Landing Gear Radial mounted 100 0.022 1 000 125 50 No
LY-05 Steerable Landing Gear.png
LY-05 Steerable Landing Gear Radial mounted 150 0.015 1 000 325 50 Yes
LY-10 Small Landing Gear.png
LY-10 Small Landing Gear Radial mounted 600 0.045 2 600 50 50 Yes
LY-50 Medium Landing Gear.png
LY-35 Medium Landing Gear Radial mounted 700 0.25 2 600 50 50 Yes
LY-99 Large Landing Gear.png
LY-60 Large Landing Gear Radial mounted 1 200 0.4 2 700 70 50 No
LY-99 Extra Large Landing Gear.png
LY-99 Extra Large Landing Gear Radial mounted 1 700 0.6 2 700 70 50 No