Mission Control

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Mission Control
KSC building
Mission Control
Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
Level 1 Level 2
Location TinyKerbin.png Kerbin
TinyKSC.png Kerbal Space Center
Altitude 67 m
Since version 0.22
Contract interface in Mission Control

The Mission Control is one of the buildings in the KSC and an essential part of Career mode to get contracts. It first appeared in 0.21 but wasn't usable until 0.24. Since then it is staffed by Gene Kerman.


In Career mode contracts are managed from there. These can be completed to earn Funds, Science, and Reputation. There available contracts can be accepted or declined, active contracts can be cancelled and completed contracts can be reviewed. In Sandbox or Science mode it's not possible to use Mission Control.

Mission control can only be accessed via the KSC, and can be destroyed by crashing a vehicle into it. Prior to version 0.24, when it wasn't usable at all, the name was only retrieved by colliding parts into it and then checking the log.


It is a symmetrical and rectangular structure located between the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Runway. The stairs on either sides can be climbed, but nevertheless lead to dead ends.

The interior resembles that of a mission control center which could be seen also in the official “At the Kerbal Space Center” video. The exterior resembles NASA's Launch Control Center.



  • Mission control is now upgradable
  • Mission Control can now be used