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Some tracks in Kerbal Space Program may have been modified slightly from their original versions.

Title Artist Length Usage
Arcadia Kevin MacLeod 1:37 Viewing a craft in space
Bathed in the Light Kevin MacLeod 2:46 Viewing a craft in space
Brittle Rille Kevin MacLeod 3:49 Inside Vehicle Assembly Building or Spaceplane Hangar
Dreamy Flashback Kevin MacLeod 2:06 Viewing a craft in space
Frost Waltz Kevin MacLeod 2:15 Viewing a craft in space
Frozen Star Kevin MacLeod 3:41 Viewing a craft in space
Groove Grove Kevin MacLeod 3:25 Inside VAB/SPH
Impact Lento Kevin MacLeod 3:30 Viewing a craft in space
Sneaky Adventure Kevin MacLeod 1:13 Inside VAB/SPH
Wizardtorium Kevin MacLeod 3:27 Inside VAB/SPH
Unknown Unknown - At the title screen
Unknown Unknown - Inside Mission Control
Unknown Unknown - Inside Astronaut Complex or Administration Facility
Unknown Unknown - Inside Tracking Station

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