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Calculates the height at which the specified pressure is in meters. Returns 0 if the celestial body hasn't any atmosphere. For example 0.000001 atm (or 10-6 atm) are at the following altitudes:

Body Code Result
Eve {{Body data/alt at pressure|pressure=10^-6|body=Eve}} 111059.62898687
Kerbin {{Body data/alt at pressure|pressure=10^-6|body=Kerbin}} 77366.8591246
Duna {{Body data/alt at pressure|pressure=10^-6|body=Duna}} 63312.524205789
Jool {{Body data/alt at pressure|pressure=10^-6|body=Jool}} 495706.82367555
Laythe {{Body data/alt at pressure|pressure=10^-6|body=Laythe}} 106437.47971453

This template uses {{Body data}} with the scale height and pressure properties.


Name Description
body Celestial body which is referenced
pressure Searched pressure in atm