Tutorial: Deep Impact

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Comets are time capsules that hold clues about the formation and evolution of the solar system. They are composed of ice, gas and dust, primitive debris from the solar system’s distant and coldest regions that formed 4.5 billion years ago. Deep Impact, a NASA Discovery Mission, is the first space mission to probe beneath the surface of a comet and reveal the secrets of its interior

Deep Impact Fact Sheet, NASA.

In 2005 NASA crashed a 370kg probe into an comet and took pictures and science data from the probe and the flyby craft.

In this mission we will re-enact the flight and impact of the Deep Impact mission.

Optional Mods

These mods give you more science parts as the parts who where used in real, are not available in stock 0.9 KSP. This gives you more realism in KSP 0.9 for this mission!


Find an Asteroid in Kerbin Orbit and plan a flight to it.

Ship Setup

Originally a Delta II rocket brought the craft near the comet. In Kerbal we will use something similar to this:

Flyby Setup (Fourth Stage)

It should have:

Impactor Setup (Payload)

As the impact of the probe will not generate dust who can be analyzed, like in the real world, by the flyby craft we need some more science instruments on the probe.