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Hi, and welcome to the wiki. I'm somewhat concerned about your edits, since they seem to be of, uh, questionable quality.

Notably not signing your questions (end them with 4 tildes in a row to automatically do so), demanding a change that you could do yourself (via a screenshot) at Talk:Mk2_Inline_Cockpit, and a rather lacking expansion to a tutorial (that was admittedly rather incomplete) at Tutorial:Mun Orbital Station. The last one could probably be made better quite easily would make a great addition to the wiki.

You also asked about the KSC on the Mun that was removed in 0.14.3. That was a bug from the new terrain system introduced in 0.14.2. HarvesteR et al never went into detail about it, but apparently it was found shortly after the version 0.14.2 came out, and was rapidly patched. Also, the Kerbal_Space_Program_Wiki:Migration_problems is probably not the best place to ask that. Small scale general questions about KSP might be best handled on the forum or IRC channel (#KSPOfficial at the server)? UmbralRaptor (talk) 02:06, 28 July 2017 (UTC)