Tutorial:Mun Orbital Station

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This tutorial is incomplete and boring, please help if you can.

This tutorial will show you how to create a multi-functional münar orbital station


  • Length: 30–60 minutes
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • For version: 0.23+ (unless you build your own rocket)


Step 1 - Building your Mun Launcher

Your Mun Launcher should be capable of launching craft into orbit around the Mun and be able to return home.

Mun I

This launcher was of my own design. It weighs 281.47t and has a thrust to weight ratio of 2.61.

Add Struts where you like! Especially on the bottom stage. These will serve to reinforce the spacecraft.


Mun Lander

This is capable of landing on the Mun and launching back into orbit around the Mun.

Mun Station

This is the main hub for the station and is very expandable with 6 docking ports. It weighs exactly 10t.

Fuel Tanks

These can be refueled by a supply rocket. It weighs 12.5t.

Now we're over all the boring stuff, let's get onto the technical details: getting to Mum, hopefully in one piece. If you're not familiar with getting out of Kerbin's orbit and going over to mun please refer to this link (link will be added).

There are many ways to get to the Mün. One such way is to make an elliptical orbit around Kerbin that reaches the Mün. The gravity of the Mün can do part of the work, but slowing down is also useful. Once you reach the Mün, circularize. Repeat this process with the added step of docking new modules. Another way is to simply use the debug menu to make it orbit, then make later modules intercept.