Administration Building

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Administration Building
KSC building
Administration Building
Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
Level 1 Level 2
Location TinyKerbin.png Kerbin
TinyKSC.png Kerbal Space Center
Altitude 67 m
Since version 0.25
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The Administration Facility is a building at the Kerbal Space Center and became available with the release of update 0.25. [1]


The Administration Facility is a facility which will let the player to choose from different strategies to boost certain aspects of the program. For example, science gains can be boosted at the expense of the reputation gains or vice versa. There are currently eight strategies available to players.

The Administrative facility is found just below the astronaut complex.

Main Strategies

Six of these will trade one of the resources for another on contracts. These "trade offs" occur by taking a percentage of the gain of one resource, and increasing the gain for another. after a strategy is enabled you will likely see (+10%) or (-5%) by some of the resource gains reflecting the strategies you picked. It's important to note the gains on contracts are precalculated. So if you see a gain that says Rep:100 (+10%) then you're not getting 110 Rep, only 100.

Other strategies

2 Strategies do not do this, one, "Aggressive negotiations", reduces the cost of launches but simultaneously causes you to lose reputation for every launch. And the other, "Transponder fitting", increases the money you get from each recovery but increases launch costs.


  • Initial release.


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