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The R&D facility, seen with the rest of KSC in the background.
The logo of the Research and Development Facility
The starting tech tree, with the first tech unlocked.

The Research and Development Facility is a structure added in version 0.22. The building is used to unlock new parts in the technology tree in career mode. Unlocking parts requires science. The facility contains multiple buildings, but it is not possible to go inside each individual building. The R&D facility is the largest structure in the KSC, but not the largest single building.

The science archives of the facility. Wernher von Kerman can be seen.

It is possible to browse through the archive of already executed scientific experiments. There are several filters available to limit it only to a specific body, situation, biome or experiment.


The Research and Development Facility is one of two structures containing multiple buildings, along with the tracking station. The R&D facility has an observatory, presumably for an optical telescope. There is a structure of 3 cylindrical tanks containing unknown substances. Several barracks can be found on-site, as well an elevated hallway between two buildings. There are three main buildings, which are all interconnected.


If a player tries to enter the R&D facility in sandbox mode, a message will appear saying "The research and development facility is closed". Attempting to send experimental data (ex. from a goo canister) will yield three messages, one of them being "You feel that you aren't really learning anything."


In the first official release in 0.23.5, the scientific progress was reset when visiting the facility using a save from an old version.[1] An update afterwards changing the version number to fixed that issue.[2]


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