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After the success of the shuttle program, the Kerbals decided to have communications all over the Kerbin system. So, they decided to put multiple comsats up into LKO, Munar orbit, and Minmus orbit.


  • Length: 5-10 hours
  • Difficulty: 5/10 (Adept)
  • Skills Needed:
  1. Intermediate(+) navigation via maneuver node
  2. Advanced orbiting
  3. Intermediate understanding of launch windows
  4. Advanced understanding of intercepts/rendezvous
  5. Basic docking
  6. Ability to complete Kerbinai Program
  7. Ability to complete Mun Race
  • For version: 0.18 and beyond

The Goal

The goal of these missions are to survey Kerbin, Mun and Minmus. You will have 5 in LKO, and up to 10 at each moon.


  • Design a probe, it must have electric storage, an unmanned probe body, a Communotron 88-88, and up to 4 Communotron 16s.
  • Launch a rocket to get this into LKO above the atmosphere.
  • Name each craft COMSAT[mission number] (i.e. COMSAT3)
  • Have 5 of these in LKO.
  • Photograph (screenshot) 3 different pictures of Kerbin, and one of 2 of the COMSATs coming close to each other.
  • If using the modded approach, you may want to use the Space Shuttle to launch these satellites.

Munar Orbital Observatory 1-10

  • Design another probe, this one must have a probe body, electricity, any communication device, one science experiment, and a docking port for later service.
  • Get up to ten of these into orbit around the Mun.
  • Photograph (screenshot) 4 shots of the Mun, and 2 MOOs coming close to each other.
  • Dock a crewed capsule to one of them.

Minmus Close Contact Probe

  • Design a probe similar to the MOOs, but this time with 2 docking ports.
  • Get up to ten of these into low orbit around Minmus.
  • Photograph (screenshot) 4 shots of Minmus, and one of 2 of the probes docked.

Lost Contact

  • KSC has lost contact with one of the MOOs, and you need to send a crewed vessel to repair it.
  • Launch 3 kerbals to the Mun, and dock with one of the MOOs
  • EVA 2 of the kerbals, and touchdown one kerbal on the MOO
  • Put both kerbals back in the ship, and get them home safely.


COMSAT 1 has broken down, and needs to be brought back to Kerbin for repairs.

  1. Launch the full Space Shuttle stack with the Kanadarm
  2. Rendevouz with the satellite
  3. Use the Kanadarm to put it in the payload bay and return to the KSC

Final Word

The Kerbals were very happy with what they had done. They had probed every object in the Kerbin system, and returned valuable data back. Kerbals have had training in repairing damaged craft. The next step would be to expand the Kerbal Space Station. Additionally, you can post the screenshots at this thread.