Campaign: The Spacers

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Exploration of Jool Campaigns The Daring Few

The science fiction of a manned interplanetary mission is now no longer science fiction. It's a reality. Go expand across the Kerbol System!


  • Length: 6–10 hours
  • Difficulty: 6/10 (Proficient)
  • Skill Requirements:
  1. Advanced navigation via maneuver node
  2. Advanced orbiting
  3. Intermediate understanding of launch windows
  4. Advanced understanding of intercepts/rendezvous
  5. Basic docking
  6. Ability to complete Age of Expansion
  7. Basic station design
  • For every version, being tested on 0.23


Minimus Base

Rockomax wants you to put a base on Minimus so they can test rockets and electronics in low-gravity situations.

Minimus Crew Transfer

The Minimus inhabitants have been getting bored. They want to see non-recycled water! Send a ship to replace the inhabitants and take the original Kerbals home..

  • Construct a ship that can hold 8 Kerbals, and send it to Minimus.
  • Have the original 8 Kerbals enter the ship while 8 more Kerbals(that you brought with you) go into the base.
  • Return the 8 Kerbals safely to Kerbin.

Solar Base

Create a base in solar orbit.

  • It must have 2 Solar Arrays, a communications device, room for 6 Kerbals, a probe core, and one docking port.
  • The Kerbals must actually be on the base for it to count.
  • Send it into solar orbit, not intersecting any SOIs(we don't want the base to hit Kerbin, do we?)

Solar Crew Transfer

The base inhabitants have been getting bored, also. Bill's going crazy, so we needed to tie him up–can you get him? Hey, while you're getting Bill, pick up the other Kerbals too!

  • Construct a ship that can hold 6 Kerbals, and send it to the solar base.
  • Have the original 6 Kerbals enter the ship while 6 more Kerbals(that you brought with you) go into the base.
  • Return the 6 Kerbals safely to Kerbin.

Duna Orbital Station

The bigwigs want you to set up a permanent station around Duna. These people are fine with not returning, however. They want to keep searching until they find Martians!

  • Construct a station/permanent base that can hold 4 Kerbals, and has a communications device along with science experiments, one docking port, and 2 Solar Arrays.
  • Send it to Duna orbit, in a 360 x 360 km orbit around 0° inclination.


Aliens exist! Those darn Daleks tried to exterminate our boy, but they failed because, of course, The Doctor showed up (the Tenth Doctor, to be exact). Multiple pieces broke off, and we need you to fix it.

  • Dock a module to the Duna orbital station that has room for 2 Kerbals(that part broke off!) and has 2 Solar Arrays.

Finishing Word

The Kerbals finally have the ability to go anywhere, now that others are there to assist them! But we've been to the planets; what else is there?