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Agency logo from version 0.24

Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics supplies antennae, RTGs and ion drives. They produce sophisticated electronics equipment perhaps best suited to deep space probes. They are, as of 1.2, the only producer of ion drives (likely inspiring the company name and logo) and the only form of electrical generation not dependent on either fuel or solar radiation. They also seem to be fond of rhyming. Additionally, they produce all nine relay antennae and transmitters available for relaying CommNet signals and sending Science back to Kerbin

Agency description

One of the leading names in spacecraft electronics, and not just because the name itself sounds so cool. Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics has a large catalogue of components, ranging from simple comms devices to seriously cutting edge gear. This has made their products quite popular among aerospace engineers, and also nurtured a profound enmity from the pragmatic folks at Probdobodyne.


Prior to 0.24 a similarly named manufacturer called Ionic Protonic Electronics existed. With the change to 0.24 all parts produced by Ionic Protonic Electronics are now manufactured by Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics.