Gene Kerman

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Gene Kerman
Gene in KSC Mission Command
Gene in KSC Mission Command
Occupation: Mission Controller

Gene Kerman coaches the player through three of the in-game tutorials. He also appears in a promotional videos by Squad titled “At the Kerbal Space Center”[1] and “Asteroid Redirect Mission”.[2] Gene is one of only a few officially named individual Kerbals and the only one thus far depicted with light-colored hair. He also wears a white vest and a headset. His dialog in the tutorials depicts him as patient and helpful without the vanity of his KSC colleague Wernher von Kerman.

Gene Kerman is manning the Mission Control as of 0.24.[3][4]

His Steam Trading Card says, “Someone has to run the show”.

Real-world parallels

Gene is most likely modeled after Gene Kranz, the NASA flight director during the Gemini and Apollo Programs, who was known for wearing white "mission vests" his wife Marta Kranz crafted for each mission. His name is also similar to NASA astronaut Eugene Andrew "Gene" Cernan.



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