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A Ladder (officially called Mobility Enhancers) is a parts that kerbals on EVA can use to climb up, down, or around craft. They are mostly used for getting kerbals into a ship landed on the ground, or to prevent them from drifting away from the ship in orbit.

Kerbals can mount a ladder by standing or floating near it and pressing F, and release it by pressing the spacebar. Once on a ladder, they can climb up and down with the forward and backwards keys, and if they are near a command module's airlock they can enter it by pressing F again. Moving off one end of a ladder will cause a kerbal to lose its grip and fall or float away from the craft. Kerbals can smoothly transition between ladders placed end-to-end on the surface of a craft, and even climb sideways along ladders mounted perpendicularly through the use of the left and right keys. They can also be flung off the ladder by acceleration or lack of centripetal force if the craft manoeuvres too violently before they can board.

At the moment, three ladders are available. Two of them have to be extended before they can be used, while the third is stationary and can be used at any time. It is possible for a Kerbal on EVA to extend ladders even if the craft is not controllable. In addition to the standalone ladder parts, all parts with crew capacity have small ladders mounted near their airlocks, to facilitate kerbonauts grabbing hold of them and boarding. Also, the fixed fuel tank structures around KSC, cooling towers, flagpoles and the VAB all have fixed ladders which can be climbed.

Kerbals can't collide with the extendable ladders whether stowed or extended. The only interaction via kerbal is grabbing and moving vertically.

Available ladders

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Pegasus I Mobility Enhancer Radial mounted 100 0.005 2 000 8 50
Kelus Mobility Enhancer Radial mounted 350 0.005 2 000 8 50
Kelus-LV Bay Mobility Enhancer Radial mounted 440 0.005 2 000 8 50