SP-10C Photovoltaic Panels

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The SP-10C is the is the retractable version of the OX-10C Photovoltaic Panels.


The SP-10C is a deployable solar panel with a unique circular shape. These panels generate electric charge only when extended and directly illuminated by the light of Kerbol. To extend, just click the Extend Panels option in the part menu by right-clicking on it. Like the Gigantor XL Solar Array and unlike OX-series panels, these can be retracted deployment. As such, they can be safed when a craft is at risk of impacts or aerodynamic stresses.

The electricity generation efficiency depends on the distance to Kerbol and angle of light hitting the panels. The panels automatically track Kerbol on one axis, but this does not ensure the 8.25 unit/second specified at Kerbin's distance every time.

Product description

The -10C versions of Probodobodyne's award winning line of photovoltaic cells have a unique feature - they're round! This special method of deployment offers yet another option for a spacecraft's power needs.

Probodobodyne Inc



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