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This is a rough Estimation of important dates in the Kerbal Space Program Universe. Many of these dates & events are only rough estimates at what would be true, many based on real-world times & events, but it could be useful for campaigns & other things of the sort. Please note: you may think some of these kerbals live too long, but please note that the writer of this article believes that the kerbals are a humanoid form of plant, and their greenness indicates the presence of chlorophyll, so kerbals can live indefinitely. Also note that kerbals, rather than average plants, consume nothing but mountain Dew & sandwiches, eliminating the need for roots.


1903: Wernher von Kerman's great grandfather, Demitriov von Kerman, wrote The exploration of Kerbal space by large explosives, theorising realistic space travel
1914: Peyton Kerman Creates katent on multi-stage & Liquid fueled rockets
1919: Peyton Kerman writes: A way of getting really high, discussing how to reach high altitudes using solid & liquid fueled rockets
1924: Demitriov von Kerman founds the place to talk about space society in Kussia
1926: Peyton Kerman launches first ever liquid fueled rocket
1927: Place for space founded in Kermany
1927: Konquering Space written, discussed orbital mechanics including gravitational slingshot
1928: Space problems written, discussing scientific advantages from space travel
1929: Wernher von-baun Kerman (Wernher von kerman's father) launches his first liquid rocket
1931: Wernher von-baun Kerman develops first liquid-powered military rocket
1933: Demitriov von Kerman begins work on Krete rockets, which leads to K2 rockets
1933: Demitriov von Kerman launches first Koviert liquid-fueled rocket
1935: Peyton Kerman creates first scientific rocket
1942: Wernher von-baun Kerman launches first rocket to cross the Kuter line, 100 km above Kerbin's surface
1946: First research flight launched, project lead by Peyton Kerman
1946: Picture taken of Kerbin from 105 km above Kerbin
1947: Mountain Duiees sent into space, first animals in space

1950 - pre-1960

1957: Demitriov von Kerman creates first ICBK (Inter-Continental Ballistic Kerbal)
1957: First Kerbal-made (or, specifically, Demitriov von Kerman made,) satellite & signals from space
1957: Kaike, a Kog, put into orbit
1958: Peyton Belts discovered
1959: First rocket fired in Kerbin orbit, first detection of solar wind, first reaching Kerbin escape velocity
1959: First artificial satellite to reach Mün vicinity, first artificial satellite in heliocentric orbit
1959: First krash into alternative celestial body than Kerbin (the Mün)
1959: First photos from far side of the mün

1960 - pre-1970

1960: First Plants & animals to return alive from Kerbin orbit
1961: First Kimp in space, various tasks performed in space by Kram
1961: First launch from Kerbin orbit to heliocentric orbit, First Mid-course corrections, first spin-stabilisation
1961: First Kerbal-crewed (orbital) flight by Jebediah Kerman
1961: First Interplanetary flyby, within 100, 000 km of Eve
1962: First orbital solar observatory
1962: First Planetary flyby by UKK, coming 30 km close to Eve
1963: First female Kerbal in space (Valency Kerman)
1963: First re-usable crewed craft created
1965: First extra-vehicular activity
1965: First Duna flyby
1965: First orbital rendezvous, though no docking takes place
1966: First soft landing & photos on another celestial body (the Mün)
1966: First crash into another planet (Eve)
1966: First orbital docking between two spacecraft
1966: First artificial satellite around another celestial body(the Mün)
1966: First UKK soft landing & photos on & from the Mün
1967: First automated Docking
1968: First orbital ultraviolet observatory
1968: First piloted orbital mission of another celestial body (the Mün) & first ever trans-Kerbin Injection
1969: First Kerbal on the Mün, first take off from another celestial body (the Mün)
1969: First rendez-vous on the surface of another celestial body (the Mün)

1970 - pre-1980

1978: A new high-power telescope is developed by Kerbal Astronomical Society and a week after being powered, up, Minmus is seen for the first time, although Wernher von Kerman figured it was a melted drop of mint ice kream, as his intern Linus Kerman had a love for mint ice kream. A few months later, when Minmus was confirmed a moon of Kerbin, a conspiracy theory was developed that it was actually a large ball of mint ice kream. This theory still exists to this day.