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密度 0.1 kg/単位
他機との受給 はい
Tweakable はい
Drainable はい
機内供給 機体全体
コスト Funds/単位
40 Funds/kg
バージョンから 0.18
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Xenon gas(キセノンガス)はイオンエンジン専用の動力源である。密度はわずか0.1 kg/unitで、質量のない電力を除けば最軽量である。


A picture of a flame out resulting of no electric charge

There are only three xenon gas related parts available at the moment. The PB-ION Electric Propulsion System is an extremely efficient engine which consumes xenon and a lot of electric charge, and produces a minuscule amount of thrust (the half of one RCS thruster). However, it can run continuously for extremely long periods. The inline PB-X150 Xenon Container and the radially attached PB-X50R Xenon Container are tanks which can supply the engine with xenon, however additional means of generation and storage are necessary to supply electricity. One should remember to put bring either very large batteries and a slowly replenishing electricity source or a series of large solar panels to help power the xenon engines, in the event that your engines stop running and flame out, you should check your electricity supplies, this is usually the problem.