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Kerbal Motion LLC was founded as a start-up to meet demand for powered wheels, particularly rover wheels. Their first product was the RoveMax Model M1, a medium-sized wheel suited to low-gravity rovers. They've since introduced wheels in small, large, and extra-large sizes, all electric powered. Unlike landing gear seen in-game, these wheels have a maximum speed they can be driven at before they break.

Recently they've moved into robotics with the Advanced Grabbing Unit, aka "the Claw", and introduced some new rotors and servos.

Agency description

Kerbal Motion LLC started in the wheel business with square wheels initially. They began adding sides until they settled on a more spherical configuration. Intensive testing confirmed their suspicions that round wheels really do make for a much smoother ride. Once they had overcome this hurdle the brains at Kerbal Motion LLC then began looking towards what else they could apply their considerable grey matter to. They settled on grabbers, primarily as this would mean they wouldn’t have to reach quite so far for their drinks.


The revealing by Kerbal Motion's R&D department of the RoveMax Model XL3 is said to have caused its chairman at the time to drop dead of shock.