EVA Repair Kit

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EVA Repair Kit
Part image
Cargo item by
Kerbal Motion LLC
Cost (total) 75.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.00500 t
Drag 0.1
Max. Temp. 1200 K
Volume 5 l
Impact Tolerance 12.0 m/s
Research Space exploration.png Space Exploration
Unlock cost 1 500 Funds
Since version 1.11
Part configuration RepairKit.cfg
Cargo item
Packed Volume 5 l
Stacking Capacity 4

The EVA Repair Kit is a cargo item held by Engineers to repair broken parts while on EVA.


EVA Repair Kits are consumable items for repairing breakable parts like wheels and solar panels. They cannot restore destroyed parts. Repairable parts need one repair kit per 50 kg of part mass, up to a maximum of four kits over 150 kg. Bring several stacks of repair kits if needed.

A repair kit only can be used by engineers during an EVA session. They bring most use because there's no other way to fix broken parts.

Product description

This repair kit has some generic widgets, tape, tools, and other knicknacks to allow intrepid Kerbals to effect repairs on broken parts that may have suffered unplanned dissassembly.

Note: Repair kits will be used up effecting repairs, and more than one repair kit may be required for especially large parts.

Kerbal Motion LLC


  • Initial release