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Agency logo from version 0.24

O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises put their excellent knowledge of explosive matter to use in the spaceflight business in the form of decouplers, which separate rocket stages in a more or less explosive manner. They also produce stack multi-couplers used for explosion-free branching of rocket stacks, at least until the stacks themselves explode.

They also produce heat shields.

Agency description

For a company that made a reputation by creating as much destruction as possible, O.M.B. has found a remarkably suitable place for its highly volatile devices in the aerospace industry. Their precision Decouplers are second to none when the job calls for splitting spacecraft into multiple smaller ones. Some of their other demolition products however, despite being heavily advertised as far more powerful disassembly tools, weren't nearly as successful. O.M.B. is still unsure as to why those "clearly better" products weren't so well received.