TT-70 Radial Decoupler

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TT-70 Radial Decoupler
Part image
Decoupler by
O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises
Cost (total) 700.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.05 t
Drag 0.2
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 8 m/s
Research Advanced construction.png Advanced Construction
Unlock cost 2 300 Funds
Since version v0.18
Part configuration decouplerRadialTT-70.cfg
Ejection momentum 2600 Ns
Testing Environments
On the surface Yes
In the ocean Yes
On the launchpad Yes
In the atmosphere Yes
Sub orbital No
In an orbit No
On an escape No
Docked No
Test by staging Yes
Manually testable No

The TT-70 Radial Decoupler is a decoupler that allows for staging rockets horizontally and in parallel. Generally speaking, it is a larger version of the TT-38K Radial Decoupler.

Product description

The TT-70 Radial Decoupler is an extension of the TT-38K decoupler, with a large truss structure for greater space between mounting points.

O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises


Unlike the flat TT-38K, the TT-70 Radial Decoupler includes a truss structure separating the two ends of the decoupler. This increases the horizontal clearance between the two attached parts, which can be useful for adding radially attached parts.

Size aside, the TT-70 functions identically to the TT-38K Radial Decoupler. When the decoupler is staged, the entire truss structure is jettisoned; the "feet" of the truss structure are left, but these are purely visual and add no mass or drag.


  • This decoupler has a similar model to the pre-.18 TT-38K


  • Initial Release