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Data templates

Language-independent information should be stored in a specific template (a “data template“), to be referred to by each localized template (e.g. English, French, etc). This avoids duplicating data in different pages and improves maintainability and stability. Such templates should use {{Data template used}}, which will categorize them in Category:Translating templates.

Data templates for parts

For instance, Rockomax 48-7S (English), Rockomax 48-7S/pl (Polish) and Rockomax 48-7S/ja (Japanese) all use the same raw data stored in the data template Rockomax 48-7S/Box to draw the infobox on the right. To do so, they simply include {{:Rockomax 48-7S/Box}}. Mind the colon (":").

Rockomax 48-7S/Box itself includes {{Infobox/Part}}, which defines how the infobox is to be drawn and how to translate it.

Data template for celestial bodies

Similarly, Kerbin (English), Kerbin/fr (French) and Kerbin/de (German) all use data from Kerbin/Param. A small difference from data templates for parts is that {{Infobox/Body}} is directly included in the body's page and will automatically retrieve data from Kerbin/Param. Also Kerbin/Param does not contain the infobox itself.