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An explanation of the Settings in KSP and what they do, as version 1.4. All of these settings can also be accessed outside of the game via settings.cfg in the root directory (near the KSP executable).


Explanation of the five bottom left buttons:

  • Accept: Applies the settings and closes the settings menu.
  • Apply: Applies the settings, but keeps the settings menu opened.
  • Revert: Resets the settings, but keeps the settings menu opened.
  • Cancel: Resets the settings and closes the settings menu.
  • Reset Settings: Reset the settings to their original values.



  • Show Vessel Labels
    • This option controls whether or not waypoints will appear over vehicles nearby the one you are currently piloting.
    • Default: On
  • Show Space Center Crew
    • Option to remove the Kerbals walking around in the VAB and the SPH
    • Default: On
  • Display Kerbin Time
    • Controls whether to display global times based on Kerbin's cycle (6 hr day, 426 d years), or regular Earth time, with 24 hr days and 365 d years.
    • Default: On
  • Contract Deadlines as Dates
    • Toggles between showing contract deadlines as the amount of time remaining, or as a future date.
    • Default: Off
  • Temparature Gauges
    • Temperature gauges are enabled at the start of each flight.
    • Default: On
  • Thermal Highlights
    • High-temperature parts will be highlighted when this setting is enabled.
    • Default: On
  • Double-Click Mouse Look
    • When enabled, the rotation of the camera can be locked (i.e. does not require holding down a button to move the camera) by double clicking the right mouse button.
    • Default: Off
  • EVAs Auto-Rotate to Camera
    • Unless disabled, kerbals on EVA will automatically use their jetpack to rotate themselves to match the orientation of the camera.
    • Default: On
  • Retain Control Point on Enter IVA
    • This setting controls whether or not going on IVA will change the method of control from the original root part to the part currently being viewed. The setting is useful to perform landings or flights directly from the cockpit, but unorthodox vessels with control sources facing in non-standard directions may find this a hindrance.
    • Default: Off
  • UI Scale
    • Controls the size of various UI elements, like the navball, the toolbar, and the various gauges around the screen.
    • Default: 100%
  • Camera Wobble External
    • Adjusts the magnitude of camera wobbling from explosions and high G loads when viewing the vessel from the outside.
    • Default: 1.0
  • Camera Wobble Internal
    • Adjusts the magnitude of camera wobbling from explosions and high G loads when in IVA.
    • Default: 1.0
  • Advanced Tweakables
    • Toggles extra tweakable options for parts, such as increased fuel flow options and autostruts. It is recommended for new players to leave this disabled.
    • Default: Off
  • Default Throttle in Prelaunch
    • Adjusts the throttle a vessel starts at when launched from the VAB or SPH.
    • Default: 0%
  • Autohide Navball in Map View
    • When disabled, the Navball will no longer hide itself when switching to map view, allowing for maneuvers to be performed there without requiring a direct view of the vessel. This is useful for fine-tuning one's orbit.
    • Default: Off
  • Show Extended Burn Indicator
    • Shows two extra lines in the burn-time indicator, allowing adjustment of how long the player plans to spend burning before and after the node.
    • Default: Off
  • KerbNet Map Aligns with Orbit
    • When enabled, the KerbNet map will show the prograde direction on the top, otherwise north will be at the top.
    • Default: On
  • Advanced Message Application
    • Default: On
  • Ghosted Navigation Markers on Navball
    • Makes targets behind a vessel visible in the navball by presenting a faded marker on the navball as if looking through the navball.
    • Default: Off


  • Show Exit to Main Menu Confirmation
    • When enabled, it will ask for confirmation when quitting a running game.
    • Default: On
  • Show Wrong Vessel Type on Launch Confirmation
    • Warns the player when trying to launch a vehicle that's not the correct type for the launch site (e.g. launching a SPH vessel on the launch pad or a VAB vessel on the runway).
    • Default: On
  • Simulate in Background
    • Controls whether KSP continues to run the simulation (or is paused) when you switch to another window.
    • Default: On
  • Don't Show Game Launcher
    • The game will start into KSP.exe or KSP_x64.exe directly, even if you start from Launcher.exe. When starting from Steam the Launcher will also be skipped.
    • Default: Off
  • Show Version Watermark in Game
    • When enabled, the game version is always displayed.
    • Default: Off
  • Max Persistent Debris
    • Sets the max number of debris-class objects that can exist at the same time. Higher numbers mean more work for the CPU. Ranges from 0 to unlimited. Min:0, Max:Unlimited.
    • Default: 250
  • Tidy up debris cluttering KSC
    • Debris remaining on the launchpad or runway (like surviving boosters) will be deleted and "recovered" giving the player some money back.
    • Default: On
  • Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame
    • This setting determines how many physics calculations the program can run per game second. So, as the number increases, gameplay slows down, as more calculations happen every game second. It slows down, but not in the usual way. There is no lag, but now one second that passes on Kerbin takes more than one second in real time. This setting is good for keeping very large ships from falling apart. Additionally, in settings.cfg, this value can be increased beyond the range of the GUI slider.
    • Default: 0.04 sec
  • Orbital Drift Compensation
    • Orbits that are completely out of the atmosphere (e.g. PE > 70 km around Kerbin) are stable (PE and AP don’t change).
    • Default: On
  • Ease in Gravity
    • When loading/switching to a vessel on a planet/moon (like launching from KSC) the gravity starts lower and eases to full power so that heavy vessels don’t get ripped apart by sudden forces.
    • Default: On
  • Verbose Logging
    • Log files will contain more detailed information. Useful for bug hunting or mod development. Could slow down the game on weaker computers.
    • Default: Off



  • Terrain Detail
    • Determines how detailed the ground is on all planets/moons.
    • Available Settings: Low, Default, High.
    • Default: Default
  • Terrain Scatters
    • Adds terrain scenery like trees and rocks. Results in a fairly large performance hit when near the ground of any body.
    • Default: Off
  • Scatter Density
    • Defines how much scenery (rocks/trees/etc.) is added.
    • Default: 50%
Note: These rocks and trees are just scenery, it is impossible to make physical contact with them!


  • Render Quality Level
    • Sets the quality of Unity's rendering. See Unity documentation for more details.
    • Available Settings: Fastest, Fast, Simple, Good, Beautiful, Fantastic
    • Default: Fantastic
  • Texture Quality
    • Controls the resolution of the textures in game.
    • Available Settings: Eigth Res, Quarter Res, Half Res, Full Res
    • Default: Half Res
  • Aerodynamic FX Quality
    • Controls the quality of aerodynamic effects such as re-entry flames.
    • Available Settings: Minimal, Very Low, Low, Normal
    • Default: Normal
  • Surface FX
    • Default: On
  • Underwater FX
    • Default: On
  • Highlight FX
    • Default: On
  • Conic Patch Draw Mode
    • Available Settings: Local to Body, Local at SOI Entry, Local at SOI Exit, Relative, Dynamic
    • Default: Relative
  • Conic Patch Limit
    • Default: 3
  • Orbit Line Fade Strength
    • Default: 100%
  • Orbit Line Fade Reversed
    • Default: Off
  • Always Show Closest Approach for Target
    • Default: Off
  • CommNet Line Brightness Factor
    • Default: 50%
  • Part Highlighter Line Brightness Factor
    • Default: 100%
  • Part Highlighter Enabled In Flight
    • Default: On


  • Screen Resolution
    • Determines how large the game window will be. Size is measured length × width, in pixels. The range depends on your system.
    • Sometimes, when switching resolutions, the screen will adjust with extremely bright colors. Have no fear, just wait a few seconds and adjust the game window back and forth. It fixes itself.
    • Default: 1280 × 720
  • Full Screen
    • This setting controls fullscreen. This will make the game run without a window border, for better game experience. If this is enabled, screen resolution now determines the number of true pixels that will be displayed.
    • Default: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing
    • Basically, smooths out and blends the pixels at the edge of models. Higher settings means smoother transition.
    • Available Settings: Disabled, 2x, 4x, 8x
    • Default: 2x
  • V-Sync
    • A setting that prevents screen tearing: an anomaly that appears when the speed of your graphics card is significantly higher than the update speed of your monitor.
    • Available Settings: Don't Sync, Every V-Blank, Every Second V-Blank
    • Default: Every V-Blank
  • Frame Limit
    • Sets the max FPS. Basically a top on how fast the game can run.
    • Available Settings: Default, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180
    • Default: 120 FPS
  • Pixel Light Count
    • Controls how many Pixel Lights can be in the scene at any time. See Unity documentation for more details.
    • Default: 8
  • Shadow Cascades
    • Controls the quality of shadows. See Unity documentation for more details.
    • Default: 4
  • Ambient Light Boost
    • Default: 0%
  • Ambient Light Boost: Map
    • Default: 0%
  • Ambient Light Boost: Editor
    • Default: 0%



  • Master
    • Refers to: All game audio.
  • Spacecraft
    • Refers to: Engine firing sound, parachute opening sound, and engine ignition sound.
  • Ambience
    • Refers to: Decouplers separating, and wind noise when traveling through atmosphere at high speed.
  • UI
    • Refers to: UI sounds such as part snaps while in the SPH or VAB.
  • Music
    • Refers to: All game music.
  • Voices
    • Refers to: Tutorial voice volume.
Default for all is 50% except Music that defaults to 35%

Sound Normalizer

  • Normalizer
    • Enables the normalizer, which controls the average loudness of the various audio channels.
    • Default: Enabled
  • Threshold
    • The threshold at which the normalizer starts lowering the volume of a given channel to prevent it from becoming too loud.
    • Default: 1.0
  • Responsiveness
    • How quickly the normalizer starts adjusting volumes after the threshold is reached. Smaller values will result in choppy sound quality as the normalizer rapidly tries to adjust volumes, especially when loud but very short sounds occur (like explosions).
    • Default: 16


This section lets you customize the default key bindings for several different parts of gameplay. Note: Axis Bindings are for joysticks.



  • Pitch Down
  • Pitch Up
  • Yaw Left
  • Yaw Right
  • Roll Left
  • Roll Right


  • Translate Up
  • Translate Down
  • Translate Left
  • Translate Right
  • Translate Forward
  • Translate Backward


  • Throttle Up
  • Throttle Down


  • Launch/Staging
  • Switch Translation/Rotation



  • Landing Gear
  • Brakes
  • SAS Hold
  • SAS Toggle
  • RCS Toggle
  • Throttle Cut-off
  • Full Throttle
  • Precision Controls Toggle
  • Lights
  • Emergency Abort


  • Custom Action 1
  • Custom Action 2
  • Custom Action 3
  • Custom Action 4
  • Custom Action 5
  • Custom Action 6
  • Custom Action 7
  • Custom Action 8
  • Custom Action 9
  • Custom Action 10


  • Steer Left
  • Steer Right
  • Drive Forward
  • Drive Back


Character Controls

  • Move Forward
  • Move Back
  • Move Left
  • Move Right
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Jump
  • Run
  • Use/Grab
  • Board
  • Toggle Movement Mode
  • Orient to View
  • Toggle Lights
  • Deploy Parachute


  • Toggle EVA Pack
  • Move Forward
  • Move Back
  • Move Left
  • Move Right
  • Move Up
  • Move Down



  • Orbital Map View
  • Increase Time Warp
  • Decrease Time Warp
  • Stop Time Warp
  • Focus Next Vessel
  • Focus Prev Vessel
  • Take Screenshot
  • Pause
  • Quicksave
  • Quickload


  • Camera Mode
  • Camera Next
  • Camera Reset
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • View Up
  • View Down
  • View Left
  • View Right
  • Toggle Mouselook


  • Scroll View Up
  • Scroll View Down
  • Part Pitch Down
  • Part Pitch Up
  • Yaw Part Left
  • Yaw Part Right
  • Roll Part Left
  • Roll Part Right
  • Reset Part Rotation
  • Place Mode
  • Offset Mode
  • Rotate Mode
  • Root Mode
  • Toggle Local/Absolute
  • Toggle Angle Snap
  • Toggle Symmetry
  • Cycle Symmetry Mode
  • Search All Parts
  • Scroll Modifier for Zoom


  • Show/Hide Flight UI
  • Scroll Icons Up
  • Scroll Icons Down
  • Show/Hide Vessel Labels
  • Show/Hide Flight Log
  • Show/Hide Flight Forces
  • Show/Hide Temp. Gauges
  • Show/Hide Temp. Overlay
  • Show/Hide NavBall


Keyboard Layout

  • Current OS Keyboard
    • Type:
      • e.g. QWERTY
    • Lang:
      • e.g. English (United States)
  • Override Keyboard Layout
    • Available Settings: US Keyboard, UK Keyboard, Latin American Keyboard, Italian Keyboard 105, Japanese 109 Keyboard, German QWERTZ Keyboard, French AZERTY Keyboard, US Dvorak Keyboard
  • Change Key Bindings



  • Mouse Wheel Sensitivity
    • Controls how quickly the game reacts to mouse wheel input. Ranges from 0 to 1.00.
    • Default: 1.00

Track IR

Track IR

  • Track IR Enabled
    • Default: Off
  • Flight External
    • Default: On
  • Flight Internal
    • Default: On
  • Flight EVA
    • Default: On
  • Flight Map View
    • Default: On
  • Space Center
    • Default: On
  • Tracking Station
    • Default: On
  • Editors
    • Default: On


6-DOF Device

In these menus you can control the 6-DOF input devices. Currently this is only supported on Windows version of KSP.
  • Toggle Camera/Fight Control
  • Lock/Unlock Roll Axis

6-DOF Camera Control

  • Pitch, Yaw and Roll
    • Sensitivity
      • Default: 30
    • Sharpness
      • Default: 10
  • XYZ Translation
    • Sensitivity
      • Default: 20
    • Sharpness
      • Default: 8

6-DOF Flight Control

  • Pitch, Yaw and Roll
    • Sensitivity
      • Default: 5
  • XYZ Translation
    • Sensitivity
      • Default: 1