Travelling to Minmus

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Travelling to Minmus

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to get to Minmus. It doesn't seem like it, but it is easier than the moon due to lower gravity. You might be saying that it is further, so it is harder. Though the distance is negated by the Oberth Effect


The minmus spacecraft is similar to the mun and consists of 3 stages.

Upper Stage

The upper stage should consist of a pod (i prefer the Command Pod Mk1 due to the low mass and it being compact), 1 FL-T400 Fuel Tank, and some LT-1 Landing Struts. If you're coming back to Kerbin, I don't need to say that you need Parachutes.

Middle Stage

This should have some middle sized engine and a tank. If you are a begginer, you could put on an FL-T800 Fuel Tank and an LV-N Atomic Rocket Motor. Though a Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank and a Rockomax "Poodle" Liquid Engine is enough.

Lower Stage

The lower stage consists of some powerful engines and SRB that get you to the orbit. You all did it. You know what to do...