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This is not a real tutorial as it's just a assembly of parts without talking about how to build or use it.
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A multifunctional rocket will allow you to make most of the tasks in the game.

these tasks are: Orbit, Escape velocity, safe land, safe launch.

Build order (up to down)

Now change the symmetries to 3 way.

Stage Order

Stage 0 = Mk16 Parachute, Command Pod Mk1.

Stage 1 = TR-18A Stack Decoupler.

Stage 2 = 2 FL-R25 RCS Fuel tank, Advanced S.A.S Module, 17 RV-105 RCS thruster blocks

Stage 3 = TR-18A Stack Decoupler.

Stage 4 = TT-38K Radial Decoupler

Stage 5 = TVR-1180C Stack Tri-coupler, 3 S.A.S Modules, 12 FL-T400 Fuel tanks, 9 RT-10 Solid Boosters, 3 LV-T30 Liquid Fuel engine, 3 EAS-4 Strut connectors.

Note that, since version 0.21, a S.A.S. module is included in every command pod, so adding the modules themselves is not completely necessary. Anyway, additional S.A.S. modules can help keeping the ship stable since they now include reaction wheels, which are in fact a great way to control your spacecraft.

I hope this helps you and if you have more questions you can go to the FAQ