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这些任务包括:入轨, 逃逸速度, 安全着地, 安全发射。



Stage 顺序

Stage 0 = Mk16 Parachute, Command pod Mk1.

Stage 1 = TR-18A stack Decoupler.

Stage 2 = 2 FL-R25 RCS Fuel tank, Advanced S.A.S Module, 17 RV-105 RCS thruster blocks

Stage 3 = TR-18A stack decoupler.

Stage 4 = TT-38K Radial decoupler

Stage 5 = TVR-1180C Stack Tri-coupler, 3 S.A.S Modules, 12 FL-T500 Fuel tanks, 9 RT-10 Solid Boosters, 3 LV-T30 Liquid Fuel engine, 3EAS-4 Struck connectors.


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