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=== Scenery & Graphics ===
=== Scenery & Graphics ===
* <span style = "background:#FFEE44">Clouds</span> (weather?){{cn}}
* Clouds (weather?){{cn}}
* Static <span style = "background:#FFEE44">particles</span> (cloudlets){{cn}}
* Static particles (cloudlets){{cn}}
* Long-duration <span style = "background:#FFEE44">smoke trails</span>{{cn}}
* Long-duration <span style = "background:#FFEE44">smoke trails</span>{{cn}}

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The features listed here are planned for future versions of Kerbal Space Program and may change during the course of development.

This list is not an official roadmap for the game. It is maintained by the community, and has no direct relation to what may or may not be included in the final product. Already implemented features can be found in the Version History.

Future releases

This section lists all planned features for future releases. Entries highlighted in Blue are planned for the next update (soon). Please note that these features in blue may be pushed back. Entries in Yellow have been partially implemented.

Please note that these features are not a commitment, and the dev team is not under any obligation to implement them all.

The entries on the following list must be verifiable.

Flight Operations

  • Repairing: Ability to repair certain things[citation needed]
  • Enhanced IVAs: Moving and interacting inside of the craft[citation needed]
  • Crew tasks: Have the crew take charge of controlling the craft (provided they can handle it)[citation needed]
  • More prebuilt crafts, for tutorials or as examples[citation needed]

Space Center

  • Mission control room: Create flight plans and take on missions and challenges[citation needed]

Spacecraft Construction

  • Exploded view: A schematic visualization of the craft, allowing for greater control over the craft's functionality[citation needed]
  • Tweakables: Context menu when right-clicking on a part[1]
  • Mining parts: Used to gather resources on other bodies[citation needed]
  • Stack extensions: Fairings and solid-booster fuel plugs[citation needed]
  • Spacecraft stats: Total weight, loaded resources (per stage?)[citation needed]

Celestial Bodies

  • Asteroids[citation needed]
  • 3 gas planets (Jool being the only currently available), moons and an asteroid belt [2]

Physics & Dynamics

  • Wind & turbulence conditions[citation needed]
  • Damage effects[citation needed]
  • New lighting system with better shadows[citation needed]
  • Better aerodynamics[citation needed]
  • Re-entry heat or damage [4]
  • Fixed fuel flow and changing maximum thrust depending on surrounding atmospheric pressure (at the moment the fuel flow is changing and the maximum thrust available is fixed)[5]

Scenery & Graphics

  • Clouds (weather?)[citation needed]
  • Static particles (cloudlets)[citation needed]
  • Long-duration smoke trails[citation needed]
  • Procedurally generated craters (Mun in 0.21)[7]
  • Cities and other geographic points of reference[citation needed]
  • Space center facilities can be destroyed by crash-landing onto them, and fixing them will cost money[citation needed]

Career Mode

  • Science Archive which keeps track of scientific recoveries[1]
  • Orbital science lab [1]
  • Transmission logic which makes antennas no complete substitute for recovery [1]
  • Experiment reset logic which isn't completely free anymore [1]
  • Monetary system. This is assumed to be in planning since mission productivity can now be quantified, thanks to Kerbal perma-death and science points, in addition to the fact that all parts have a specific cost value.[citation needed]


  • More and better sound effects[citation needed]

Game & Engine

  • OSC data interface: Connectivity with external applications[citation needed]
  • 64-bit support[8]
  • Multiplayer
    • Email received from info@kerbalspaceprogram.com 07/26/2013 states: "We haven't officially discussed anything concrete about multiplayer, everything posted on the forums are just user's opinions, speculation and gossip." While thread is marked "Official" response from customer support indicates information is incorrect. Multiplayer has been stated in the past as "after release" which is too far away to declare this feature dead. Squad has however mentioned multiplayer as a possible option for a future DLC.[9]
    • KMP, or Kerbal Multiplayer, is a multiplayer system that is a WIP. Even though it is in it's experimental pre-alpha stage, the mod is available to the public. [10]
  • 3D Mouse Support
    • Squad is working with 3Dconnexion to introduce this feature to KSP.


  • A more complete SDK and documentation (you can help by adding to the wiki!)[citation needed]


  • Expansion packs/DLCs (different from updates, will be purchased separately and include features distinct from the original game's main idea)[11]
    • A mod, known as Krag's Planet Factory recently made an expansion pack that contains new planets, mostly targeting more advanced players.

Not happening

The following features have been confirmed to not be in the official game (although may be found in mods):

  • Steam achievements[citation needed]
  • Autopilot Systems[citation needed]
  • Weapons or military features[citation needed]
  • Alien civilizations[citation needed]
  • Terraforming[citation needed]
  • Realistically sized celestial bodies [12]
  • Conversion to a different game engine.[citation needed]

Web Services

Feature Status
Mac Fixes
  • .app packaging (Finder-compatible)
  • Clipboard support
In progress
Auto-resume interrupted downloads In progress
Downloads through BitTorrent (long-term) Planning
Load-balanced Repair Packages Feasibility Analysis


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