Flag Pole

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Flag Pole
KSC building
Flag Pole
Location TinyKerbin.png Kerbin
TinyKSC.png Kerbal Space Center
Altitude 67 m
Since version 0.20

There are two flagpoles at the Kerbal Space Center. One is located in front of the Astronaut Complex while another is located at the Launch Pad. They show the default flag for the current save game. Flags are destructible if their base is hit hard enough, and cost 15,000 Funds each to repair.

The flagpole at the Astronaut Complex is technically a separate building and can be used to select the default flag for missions. The flagpole at the Launch Pad is not a separate structure; it is part of the Launch Pad and counts towards its repair cost if destroyed. If you click on them, you will enter the interface of the selection of the flags. Since no one can 'enter' them by clicking on them like other structures, to access them you must travel to them after launching a craft on the Launch Pad or Runway. Both of them are flying in version 0.90.0.

Somehow, crashing a plane into the flagpole will bring it to a complete halt.

Spoiler: Fun to discover on your own
Both flagpoles are climbable! However, you can't do a handstand at the top...
Kerbonaut atop the Launch Pad's flagpole with custom flag