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This incomplete list is not intended to be exhaustive. For an exhaustive list, see here on the forums.

This incomplete list contains some major mods or addons for Kerbal Space Program.

Legend :

  • Tech Tree Icon.svg : Those mods are well integrated into the Career Mode tech tree.

Part Collections
These mods add new components for building vehicles.
B9 Aerospace Pack Tech Tree Icon.svg A collection of parts for building large spaceplanes. Forum
KW Rocketry Tech Tree Icon.svg A parts collection for rockets, many inspired by real-life designs. Download
Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Tech Tree Icon.svg Parts which can be used to help build remote outposts on other bodies. Forum
Kerbal Attachment System A set of parts for linking together spacecraft or moving parts around on them during missions. Forum
Infernal Robotics Flexible joints and articulation which allow spacecraft to contain moving parts and change during missions. Download
Near Future Technologies Tech Tree Icon.svg Actually 6 separate mods instead of a single mod, these mods add numerous high-tech features such as advanced electric engines, nuclear reactors, solar panels, large building pieces, and much more. Forum
Universal Storage Tech Tree Icon.svg Modular parts mod for building custom service modules. Fully compatible with DMagic Orbital Science, Kerbal Inventory System and many life support mods. Download
These mods add more realism to the game, moving it closer to real-world space operations while often making it more difficult to play in some ways.
RemoteTech Adds realistic limits to deep-space communications. Forum
Realism Overhaul A group of mods that change KSP to make it more realistic. Forum
Ferram Aerospace Research Updates the aerodynamics model to one much more accurate to the real world. Forum
Better Than Starting Manned Tech Tree Icon.svg Rebalances the tech tree around starting out with probe cores only and having to earn the ability to launch manned missions, as well as many other changes. Forum
TAC Life Support Adds life-support requirements and resource limitations to manned missions. Download
Kerbal Operating System kOS is a scriptable autopilot system. It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. Download
OAR Adds atmospheres to those planets and moons which don't have atmospheres. Forum
These mods add in features that make tasks easier.
MechJeb 2 Tech Tree Icon.svg A set of automatic pilot systems which can precisely perform various maneuvers, as well as display more detailed information about a craft or orbit than the base game. Download
Kerbal Engineer Redux Tech Tree Icon.svg Displays the TWR and delta-v of spacecraft under construction in the VAB. Download
Kerbal Alarm Clock Allows the game to schedule alarms and notifications for future events (such as a ship's arrival at a new SOI). Forum
Raster Prop Monitor Displays multi-purpose interactive screens on various IVA sections of ships. Can work in partner ship with some mods by default. Download
Docking Port Alignment Indicator A small widget to show the alignment of two docking ports to each other. Download
Adds game features relating to gathering information about the environment and earning science.
ScanSat Tech Tree Icon.svg Allows satellites to create maps of the celestial bodies they are orbiting, including biomes and easter eggs. Forum
Kethane Pack Tech Tree Icon.svg Adds an advanced resource system comparable to stock, primarily for spacecraft to create their own fuel when landed on other celestial bodies. Forum
Station Science Adds new types of orbital laboratories and experiments which can be done in orbit. Download
KSP Interstellar Tech Tree Icon.svg Expands the tech tree to cover more exotic types of energy and propulsion. Forum
DMagic Orbital Science Adds several new science experiments. Download
Planet Packs
Adds to or modifies the celestial bodies in the game.
Outer Planets Adds four distant gas giants, based on our solar system, to the game with minimal modification to the stock system. Requires Kopernicus. Forum
Misc Tools
Toolbar Adds a unified toolbar to the game. Many other mods integrate with this one to display common controls. Forum
Crew Manifest Allows kerbonauts to be transferred between different parts of a spacecraft without having to perform an EVA. This mod's features have been implemented into the stock game. Forum
KSP Mod Admin A manager which helps install, remove, and keep track of other mods. Download
Language Patches 6 patches are available, and allows you to translate the game. Forum
KSP Add-on Version Checker A plugin that allows for compatible mods to be checked for their latest versions. Forum
Cheats (For Cheaters!)
HyperEdit Allows ships, asteroids and planets to be moved instantly to anywhere the system with no cost. It also allows to refill resources and destroy ships. Forum

The criteria to be added in this list are simple :

  • It adds important features to Kerbal Space Program. New game play....
  • It corrects some missing stuff in the main game.
  • There is no major bug...
  • It's fun !

It is then totally subjective. Feel free to add your favorites addons here.

Just remember to add a good description, telling why the addon is important for you, how it is integrated in the game.... and so on

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