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A collection of data for the various places, similar to the idea of {{Body data}}. In future version this might work exactly like {{Body data}}.


# Optional Description Default
1 No The requested place's name.
2 No The requested place's property.
3 No The default value, if there is no such property or place.


Code Body Name Page Description
Mo/Canyon Moho Canyon Biomes on Moho
Mo/Central Lowlands Central Lowlands
Mo/Highlands Highlands
Mo/Midlands Midlands
Mo/Minor Craters Minor Craters
Mo/North Pole North Pole
Mo/Northern Sinkhole Northern Sinkhole
Mo/Northern Sinkhole Ridge Northern Sinkhole Ridge
Mo/South Eastern Lowlands South Eastern Lowlands
Mo/South Pole South Pole
Mo/South Western Lowlands South Western Lowlands
Mo/Western Lowlands Western Lowlands
Ev/Akatsuki Lake Eve Akatsuki Lake Biomes on Eve
Ev/Crater Lake Crater Lake
Ev/Craters Craters
Ev/Eastern Sea Eastern Sea
Ev/Explodium Sea Explodium Sea
Ev/Foothills Foothills
Ev/Highlands Highlands
Ev/Impact Ejecta Impact Ejecta
Ev/Lowlands Lowlands
Ev/Midlands Midlands
Ev/Olympus Olympus
Ev/Peaks Peaks
Ev/Poles Poles
Ev/Shallows Shallows
Ev/Western Sea Western Sea
Gi/Highlands Gilly Highlands Biomes on Gilly
Gi/Lowlands Lowlands
Gi/Midlands Midlands
Ke/Badlands Kerbin Badlands Biomes on Kerbin
Ke/Deserts Deserts
Ke/Grasslands Grasslands
Ke/Highlands Highlands
Ke/Ice Caps Ice Caps
Ke/Mountains Mountains
Ke/Northern Ice Shelf Northern Ice Shelf
Ke/Shores Shores
Ke/Southern Ice Shelf Southern Ice Shelf
Ke/Tundra Tundra
Ke/Water Water
KSC Kerbin Kerbal Space Center Kerbal Space Center The Kerbal Space Center
Kerbal Space Center
Mu/Canyons Mun Canyons Biomes on Mun
Mu/East Crater East Crater
Mu/East Farside Crater East Farside Crater
Mu/Farside Basin Farside Basin
Mu/Farside Crater Farside Crater
Mu/Highland Craters Highland Craters
Mu/Highlands Highlands
Mu/Lowlands Lowlands
Mu/Midland Craters Midland Craters
Mu/Midlands Midlands
Mu/Northeast Basin Northeast Basin
Mu/Northwest Crater Northwest Crater
Mu/Polar Crater Polar Crater
Mu/Polar Lowlands Polar Lowlands
Mu/Poles Poles
Mu/Southwest Crater Southwest Crater
Mu/Twin Craters Twin Craters
Mi/Flats Minmus Flats Biomes on Minmus
Mi/Great Flats Great Flats
Mi/Greater Flats Greater Flats
Mi/Highlands Highlands
Mi/Lesser Flats Lesser Flats
Mi/Lowlands Lowlands
Mi/Midlands Midlands
Mi/Poles Poles
Mi/Slopes Slopes
Du/Craters Duna Craters Biomes on Duna
Du/Eastern Canyon Eastern Canyon
Du/Highlands Highlands
Du/Lowlands Lowlands
Du/Midland Canyon Midland Canyon
Du/Midland Sea Midland Sea
Du/Midlands Midlands
Du/Northeast Basin Northeast Basin
Du/Northern Shelf Northern Shelf
Du/Polar Craters Polar Craters
Du/Polar Highlands Polar Highlands
Du/Poles Poles
Du/Southern Basin Southern Basin
Du/Western Canyon Western Canyon
Ik/Central Mountain Range Ike Central Mountain Range Biomes on Ike
Ik/Eastern Mountain Ridge Eastern Mountain Ridge
Ik/Lowlands Lowlands
Ik/Midlands Midlands
Ik/Polar Lowlands Polar Lowlands
Ik/South Eastern Mountain Range South Eastern Mountain Range
Ik/South Pole South Pole
Ik/Western Mountain Ridge Western Mountain Ridge
Dr/Canyons Dres Canyons Biomes on Dres
Dr/Highlands Highlands
Dr/Impact Craters Impact Craters
Dr/Impact Ejecta Impact Ejecta
Dr/Lowlands Lowlands
Dr/Midlands Midlands
Dr/Poles Poles
Dr/Ridges Ridges
La/Crater Bay Laythe Crater Bay Biomes on Laythe
La/Crater Island Crater Island
La/Crescent Bay Crescent Bay
La/Degrasse Sea Degrasse Sea
La/Dunes Dunes
La/Peaks Peaks
La/Poles Poles
La/Shallows Shallows
La/Shores Shores
La/The Sagen Sea The Sagen Sea
Va/Highlands Vall Highlands Biomes on Vall
Va/Lowlands Lowlands
Va/Midlands Midlands
Va/Mountains Mountains
Va/Northeast Basin Northeast Basin
Va/Northwest Basin Northwest Basin
Va/Poles Poles
Va/Southern Basin Southern Basin
Va/Southern Valleys Southern Valleys
Ty/Gagarin Crater Tylo Gagarin Crater Biomes on Tylo
Ty/Galileio Crater Galileio Crater
Ty/Grissom Crater Grissom Crater
Ty/Highlands Highlands
Ty/Lowlands Lowlands
Ty/Mara Mara
Ty/Midlands Midlands
Ty/Minor Craters Minor Craters
Ty/Tycho Crater Tycho Crater
Bo/Peaks Bop Peaks Biomes on Bop
Bo/Poles Poles
Bo/Ridges Ridges
Bo/Slopes Slopes
Bo/Valley Valley
Po/Highlands Pol Highlands Biomes on Pol
Po/Lowlands Lowlands
Po/Midlands Midlands
Po/Poles Poles
Ee/Babbage Patch Eeloo Babbage Patch Biomes on Eeloo
Ee/Craters Craters
Ee/Fragipan Fragipan
Ee/Highlands Highlands
Ee/Ice Canyons Ice Canyons
Ee/Lowlands Lowlands
Ee/Midlands Midlands
Ee/Mu Glacier Mu Glacier
Ee/Northern Glaciers Northern Glaciers
Ee/Poles Poles
Ee/Southern Glaciers Southern Glaciers


Name Description
body The body this place is on.
image The image of that place without File: prefix.
name The name of the place
page The page of the place. Returns an empty string if there is no page.