Tutorial: Mars One

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Mars One was a planned mission to Mars to set up a permament colony there consisting of people travelling on a one way trip. It was incredibly ambitious and gathered public interested until the company went bankrupt in 2019 once it turned out to be a scam. But you can recreate it in KSP and this time, there is no need for anyone to be scammed!

Mars One rover

The Mars One rover would've been designed to move the modules together and find a good place to settle.

Ship Design

Life Support and Crew Habitat

We currently have no life support units or inflatable habitats.

Mars Transit Vehicle

The mars transit Vehicle would've sent the people to mars in 2026 getting there in 2027.

Ship Design

Part One

Part Two

First you launch part one into orbit then you launch part two into orbit and disconnect the RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit and connect part one with part two.

Falcon Heavy - Launcher

The Falcon Heavy is one of the most powerful rocket currently in use, only just sitting behind the Space Launch System and Starship. It is one of the most powerful after the Saturn V and N1. Theoretically also the Ares V would've been more powerful but was cancelled and thus never flew It is operated by SpaceX who are currently contracted by NASA to resupply and send crew the ISS with the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Ship Design