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Joseph256 is a KSP fan that infrequently updates KSP wiki. I specialise in creating imaginative campaigns and/or backstories. I am attempting to create a fictional KSP timeline incorporating most important real-world space flight events


Campaign: The Colony
Bill Kerman
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Bill Kerman

Bill in CommandPod.jpeg
Occupation: Kerbonaut
Specialisation Engineer
KSC ID#: 0002
Badass No

Bill Kerman is the one of the three default Kerbonauts that the player starts with upon creating a new game. He wears an orange suit like Jebediah or Bob Kerman. Bill always appears scared when in flight and acts as if he is possibly the worst kerbal for the job. He is always afraid during flight, possibly because he suffers from multiple conditions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Vertigo
  • Home sickness
  • Travel sickness
  • Motion sickness
  • Sopite syndrome
  • Fear of high speeds
  • Fear of suffocation
  • Severe claustrophobia

His Steam Trading Card says he "always knows when something's gone wrong".

Kerbonaut is the 3rd worst career path Bill could imagine, the worst being roller coaster tester & 2nd worst being professional freefaller. The only reason that Bill enrolled in the kerbonaut training program is that his mother pressures encourages him to become a kerbonaut, thus showing that their family is honourable as a career in space travel is the most honourable career to kerbals, and kerbonaut at the top of that. Incidentally, mountain dew bottling is the second most honourable job to kerbals, and is what Bill always wanted to do.


  • 1964: Bill Kerman Born?
  • 1980: Bill Kerman joins Insular inc. as an unpaid intern
  • 1981: Bill Kerman promoted to Janitor, cleans burn marks off launch pad
  • 1982: Bill Kerman accidentally cleans the lauch pad as a rocket takes off, Insular promotes him into mission control to avoid law suits & anger from his mother
  • 1984: Bill Kerman promoted to kerbonaut at Insular inc. as he has a sixth sense for detecting how fast he's going to pinpoint accuracy, company saves dozens of Kurrency in speedometers
  • (early)1989: Insular airfield Recco space station exploded in orbit, Bill only one to escape, ranting about a kraken...
  • (mid-)1989: Bill forced into retirement from Insular inc due to 'post-explosion & went kraken crazy-stress'
  • (late)1989: Bill hears Insular inc. shut down; knowing no kerbal will ever be harmed there again, he begins slow recovery
  • 2009: Bill Kerman enters KSC rocket science university
  • 2010: Bill kerman graduates KSC rocket science university early due to past experience
  • 2010: Bill Kerman enters KSC training program
  • 2012: Bill Kerman becomes KSC kerbonaut