Bob Kerman

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Bob Kerman
Bob in a moment of moderate terror
Bob in a moment of moderate terror
Occupation: Kerbonaut
Specialisation Scientist
KSC ID#: 0003
Badass No
Bob Kerman is kerbonaut #0003[1] and the least stupid of “the Original Four”. Appropriately, he is a scientist. Bob's position near the top of the list of kerbonauts in every game means players will be far more likely to have him on missions than any of the random kerbonauts; however, being third in the list of the original four makes him less frequently used than Jeb or Bill.



Bob has the least Stupidity of the original four but also the least Courage and does not have the "badass" trait to make up for it. All things considered, he should be the most likely to display frightened facial expressions. Calling Bob "the smart one" might be overstating it, but Bob's personality traits cast him closer to the role of nerdy scientist than intrepid test pilot.

His Steam Trading Card says, "Just realized he's not coming home".


Bob seems to be the least famous of the original four with fewer search hits than Bill Kerman, who has far less than Jebediah Kerman. It's unclear what, if any, consensus fans have of Bob Kerman's character, role, or attitude. In an unofficial video by fan 'EventHorizon5' Bob is depicted as somewhat anxious and unassertive in "Bobbing Around in Space". In the equally unofficial fanwork Kerbal Comics, Bob is depicted as young, eager, scared, and not too bright.[2]



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