Bill Kerman

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Bill Kerman
Bill in one of his calmer moments before things inevitably go wrong.
Bill in one of his calmer moments before things inevitably go wrong.
Occupation: Kerbonaut
Specialisation Engineer
KSC ID#: 0002
Badass No

Bill Kerman is one of the 4 default kerbals in Kerbal Space Program. His is kerbonaut #0002[1] and the least intelligent of the “original four”. He is an engineer, or a kerbal who repairs things on rocket ships, like wheels or parachutes.



Bill has as much Courage as fellow kerbonaut Jebediah Kerman but, unlike him, does not have the "badass" trait. He also has relatively high Stupidity, a trait displayed in an official promo video when he smacks himself in the face deploying a flag and knocks himself out.[1] Like most kerbonauts with high stupidity, his facial expressions during flight tend to be less fearful than kerbonauts smart enough to ponder how many parts of their vessel are from toy companies and junkyards.

His Steam Trading Card says he "always knows when something's gone wrong" which could suggest pessimism, though in KSP things very often do go wrong.


Some fans interpret Bill as intensely reluctant to fly. Others depict him as an intrepid explorer[2] or as eager, sentimental, if unlucky.[3] He has even been cast as a heroic pilot who'll risk everything against the longest odds to save Jeb's life.[4]

Like all members of the original four, Bill's position near the top of the list of kerbonauts means players will be far more likely to have him on missions that any of the random kerbonauts, but still less than Jebediah.



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