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Agency logo from version 0.24

Rockomax Conglomerate (occasionally referred to as Rockomax Brand) builds the large radial size 2 parts in KSP (including a large decoupler which O.M.B. Demolition resents). They also partnered with C7 Aerospace Division on the jet/rocket hybrid R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine. It used to make the largest engines, tanks, and related parts in the game, but as of version 0.23.5 it was outstripped by Kerbodyne.

The name is presumably a reference to real-world manufacturer Rockwell International, which produced, among other things, the Apollo CSM and the Space Shuttle orbiter.

Agency description

Indisputably the largest supplier of rocketry components out there, Rockomax products are widely regarded as the most accessible way to get into space. This has earned them a somewhat negative reputation among the more posh or avant-garde engineers, some even outright refusing to admit to having used Rockomax-Brand products. Be that as it may, Rockomax's gigantic presence in the industry cannot be gainsaid, and their products are actually pretty good value, even if they do lack that 'trendy' feel of the more up-scale rocketry brands. They are a massively large corporation, so don't expect them to cut you very special deals. They are already giving all their customers a bulk discount, plus their 'super-value' deals when using products from their partner brands. All this provided, of course, that you have your membership card with you when you go shopping at their warehouses.