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This is a list of all planets within KSP 2, either confirmed, or unconfirmed.

Confirmed Planets

  • All of the planets of the Kerbol System will return.
  • Rask and Rusk. Binary planets.
  • Ovin. A ringed super-earth with high gravity.
  • Glumo. A Gas Giant with rings. It has one known moon, Merbel.
  • Puf. Eyeball Planet.
  • Gurdamma. Proto-Earth, with rings and and a Moon, Donk.
  • Char. "Heat blasted world of iron" probably close to its star.
  • Skutt. Rocky body of irregular shape that could fling you out into space if you tried to land on the far end of it.
  • Lapat. Not much is known, but it appears to have vegetation.

Unconfirmed Planets


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