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Jak těžké to může být?

Tento článek je seznam tutoriálů, se kterými se vám bude lépe létat v Kerbal Space Program. Pokud nevládnete Angličtinou doporučuji přejít rovnou na Video tutorials.

Vezměte prosím na vědomí, že tyto články jsou vytvořené uživatelem, a každý uživatel je zodpovědný za svůj návod.

  • For a high-level overview of the basic game mechanics, you can read this Game Manual by thecoshman.
  • A less detailed "cheat sheet" type reference is available as Basic Maneuvers.
  • For a logical series of missions that build up your knowledge, check out Campaigns.

Rocket and Probe Design


Historical Missions

The high level of realism in Kerbal Space Program allows to recreate historical missions of human spaceflight history. These missions start simple and become gradually more complex, so they are a great way to learn KSP. For a logical and progressive list of missions, goals, and milestones that may or may not have tutorials linked, check out the Campaigns article to get ideas in planning your own space program.

Planets and Moons






General Information

Add-on Development


These tutorials aren't completely finished yet. You can help to complete them.

Video tutorials

Creating New Tutorials

To create your own tutorial, start with Tutorial:Template. When adding to the Category:Tutorials add the name of the tutorial (like in the template) to sort the pages without the prefix Tutorial:.

Note to tutorial writers: These are supposed to be tutorials. Think "Orbits for Dummies." If you're going to explain intricate details (including math!), consider marking your tutorial "Advanced".