ComSat Lx

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ComSat Lx is a rocket with a small payload satellite and is able to get to LKO with an incredible TWR and a very small launcher vehicle. Comsat Lx is a very small rocket with only two 1.25 fuel tanks and a small LV-45 “Swivel” liquid fuel engine to get it partially to orbit with the very small LV-1 “Ant” liquid fuel engine lifting a Probodobodyne OKTO probe core into orbit.

ComSat Lx on the launchpad (1.1)


Tiny satellite with antenna and solar power? Launcher to bring it to space? Done and Done!



The ComSat Lx has over 5300 m/s of delta-V, enough to orbit the Mun or Minmus or fly by almost any body in the solar system. However, the ComSat is not very useful without adding some scientific equipment, as the antenna relay system does not yet exist (as of version 1.1, when the ComSat Lx was added).

Payload in orbit