Aeris 3A

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The Aeris 3A thumbnail as seen in the stock craft menu.
The Aeris 3A in flight

The Aeris 3A is a small agile low altitude stock plane. It is commonly used as a training craft, as it is very easy to control. The Aeris 3A appears to serve a similar purpose to the real-life Bede BD-5 Micro.

Its wing structure appears novel, featuring only a Delta Wing as its main lift wing on each side. It further has 2 AV-R8 Winglets on the edge of the wing instead of one along the center and 2 front canards using the same part, plus some control surfaces. So it's only using 9 different parts: 4× AV-R8 Winglet, 2× Delta Wing, 2× Elevon 1, 2× Elevon 3, 2× Mk1 Fuselage - Jet Fuel, 1× Basic Jet Engine, 1× Mk1 Cockpit, 3× Small Gear Bay, 1× Telus Mobility Enhancer.

It uses one Basic Jet Engine and holds 300 units of jet fuel. Its range is somewhat decent for its small size. As with all stock spaceplanes, the Aeris 3A was redesigned in 0.25 to use the new parts from the included Spaceplane Plus mod.

To get around the missing airbrakes, simply add the inner elevons' Deploy function to the Brake action group.

The Aeris 3A on the runway (1.0.5)

Craft Description

The Aeris 3A is a small and nimble one-seater plane, mostly used as a training craft for fixed-wing flight, and to annoy ground staff by 'buzzing' the space center facilities.