Prospector Rover

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Prospector on the runway(1.1)
The rover's image on the stock craft selector.

Prospector is a rover which needs crew in order to function. Its wheels are narrow enough to be able to make it in the MK3 fuselage, however it requires a lot of patience to pack it in as it could move to the side, end up upside-down or do a barrel roll and destroy some unimportant parts.

Craft Description

General Purpose Open Vacuum Rover for all your prospecting needs! Fuel Cell Power system for KM's of Range. Prospecting Science Package standard, and plenty of room for expansion on the Flatbed. Manufacturer recommends keeping brown parts facing ground.


Fully crewed and deployed


The craft is a 4-wheeled rover which at the beginning has no manned seats and is uncontrollable. It has a decoupler on the back which could be used to skycrane drop the rover, or detach it from the side of a lander to be able to use. Its only source of gaining electricity is converting fuel via the Fuel Cell from the Oscar-B Fuel Tank underneath. After that, the rover will become unusable unless docked with an advanced grabbing unit, and to have that tiny fuel tank refueled. It is somewhat similar to the rover used on the Apollo Missions. It has a narrow band scanner and a surface scanning module attatched to it to scan ore as it drives and descends to a biome.