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The GDLV3 is a rocket used to refuel spacecraft. Its payload only consists of a FL-T800 Fuel Tank with a single Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Jr. mounted on top. The GDLV3 is intended to be used as a launcher which includes an easily replaceable example payload. The GDLV3's example payload does not have any method of control and may need players to add a Reaction Control System, reaction wheels, and a command module so players can actively dock and refuel orbiting craft.

GDLV3 on the launchpad (1.1)

Craft Description

The Generally Designed Launch Vehicle 3 is an adaptable design that the customer can tailor to their needs, in fact the GDLV3 is in such wide use no one can say they actually own it.


Craft in Kerbin orbit.