Space Station Core

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The Space Station Core

The Space Station Core is a stock craft meant to be the core part of a space station. As it has no any kind of propulsion, it needs a launch vehicle to reach the stable orbit. It features a Mk2 Lander-can and a PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container. It also has numerous docking ports for connecting it to other parts of a space station.

It is externally similar to the DOS-7 Module of the former Mir Space Station.

Craft Description

This Space Station Core shows just how ambitious the Kerlington model rocket catalog can be sometimes.
If you can manage to build a rocket capable of getting this into orbit, it is air-tight enough to let a few Kerbals live in it for long periods of time.
It also features a hub with five docking ports, so you can expand your station.



• A similar vessel is shown in the official animated short A Cake Odyssey. The version in the film does not have a reaction wheel between the [Storage Container] and the [Multi-Point Connector]. Additionally, the solar panels are mounted on the connector instead of the [Lander Can].