Stearwing A300

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The Stearwing A300 is a large stock aircraft that was added into v1.0. Despite not being a transport spaceplane, it contains cargo bays and, if modified, can be equipped as a bomber and such. The design is based off the Airbus A300.

The Stearwing A300 taking off from KSC (1.1)

Craft Description

The Stearwing A300 is a large aircraft, built to carry heavy payloads and a large number of passengers. Don't expect it to reach very impressive altitudes or speeds though. Wings may shear off under excessive stress. Warranty does not cover damage from attempted aerobatics.



The difference between the Stearwing A300 and other stock planes is that it sets up some of its control surfaces as flaps and it uses the new speedbrake part.


The Stearwing A300 on the runway (1.0.5)
  • 1.0.5: Partial revamp of the craft
  • 0.90: Craft Added